Gforce Electric Bike & Scooter was founded in 2005, a division of E&A Enterprises Inc. located in Atlanta for over thirty years. We found that Atlanta, like many cities were facing impending concerns and changes in the realm of rising energy costs, unlicensed drivers, high density development and the impact we impose on the environment. Our objective is to provide a clean, affordable, efficient and reliable alternative form of transportation.

Providing a Solution

With the rapid increase in gasoline prices, a large part of Atlanta’s adult population is unable to obtain drivers licenses. Residential housing is evolving into high density mixed use development.

Government facility and employees, large warehouse and public parking providing a transportation alternative for these groups. E- Bikes provide practical and leisure solutions like students able to commute on large campuses and baby boomers that still want to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Electric bicycles and electric scooters are the solution to address these issues. In both New England and the North Pacific, electric mobility has become very popular and large part of the solution. Light Electric Vehicle transportation solution is growing and a welcome answer for eco responsibility and living a green lifestyle.

Why Gforce Electric Is Different

Apart from our web presence we offer the confidence and reliability of a retail store front with professional staff to answer any and all questions you may have regarding Electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Customers, purchasing new technology or big ticket items on the internet might hesitate without the benefit of test driving and instruction on their usage. Matching the appropriate electric bicycle or scooter and determining the customers specific need is our specialty.

Product quality and strong manufacturers that we represent is a partnership we take very seriously. We partner with Electric Bike manufacturers that have a proven track record and national market presence so we can in turn assure our customers they are protected in their purchase.