What is the range of an electric bike?

15 to 40 miles


How fast do they go?

With full assist, electric bikes are limited by law to go up to 20 mph. 


What are the benefits of having an electric bike?

They provide an alternative form of transportation that is more cost effective, portable, and environmentally friendly. 


Do I need a license to ride a scooter or electric bike?

No license is required for an electric bike. For a scooter 50cc or lower a drivers license is required, but not a motorcycle license. Anything above 50cc requires both.


What is the price range of an electric bike or scooter?

Electric bikes range from $600 to $4000

Scooters range from $800 to $5000


What are the legal requirements to drive a 50cc (49.5cc) scooter in GA?

Helmet is required. No tag or registration necessary. No insurance is necessary. Must be at least the age of 16 to ride scooters on the street.


What can I do to assure optimum performance for my scooter?

  1. Always use high test gasoline. GA has detergents and ethanol mixed in which causes damage.
  2. Recommend utilizing ethanol treatment additive, approximately cap full per full tank.
  3. First Oil change at 600 miles.
  4. First tune up including spark plug replacement at 1000 miles.
  5. Second oil change and service at 1200 miles and include gear oil, air and fuel filter replacement. 


Battery, utilized for remote start, is susceptible to damage if exposed to high heat or very cold temperature or if the scooter sits for an extended amount of time without use.


In colder temperatures scooter will tend to rev a little more because it has an electric cold start and will adjust down once engine is warm. Also scooter comes equipped with a kick start in case battery is not sufficient to crank motor.


For remote start, the key must be on the “ON” position and either of the brake levers must be engaged while pressing the yellow start button on the right hand side as well as slightly throttle. The kill switch must also be in the open position (push to the right)