GForce Electric Bike & Scooter is driven by our customers positive buying experience. It is our contention that customers recognize the quality of their products by the support they receive after the sale! Again, we partner with manufacturers that have a proven track record, a national presence and stand behind their product with comprehensive warranties and replacement parts for repair. Gforce Electric Bikes and Scooters have been in the service and repair business for over thirty years as E&A Enterprises and bring this experience and expertise to you.

Providing a Solution

Gforce Electric Bikes and Scooters is the largest factory authorized independent sales and service center for all national brand Electric Bikes and Scooters in Atlanta. We are committed to providing timely repairs, maintaining a representative inventory of parts in order to expedite service. We stock accessories that customers may need for the function of their bike or scooter. We are factory trained and up to date on all warranty and service issues and these are handled locally and in our facility.

Why Gforce Electric Is Different

Apart from our web presence we offer the confidence and reliability of a retail store front with professional staff to answer any and all questions you may have regarding Electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Customers, having purchased an electric bike or scooter need to know that they can have maintenance and service available by an authorized and qualified establishment. We maintain, as a priority to provide critical replacement parts and accessories.

Product quality and strong manufacturers’ that we represent is a partnership we take very seriously. We partner with Electric Bike manufacturers that have a proven track record and national market presence so we can in turn assure our customers they are protected in their purchase.